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Intellectual property management has become a hot topic. Intellectual property is a key link in market competition. Why should we manage intellectual property?

*What if there is no trademark when entering the e-commerce platform?

*What if there is no patent at the time of recognition of High-New Technology Enterprise (HNTE) status?

*What if the trademark is snapped up?

*Why does customs detain our goods?

*What if I was accidentally charged with infringement?

All of the above are common problems encountered by enterprises in their business practices. Due to the neglect of intellectual property and the neglect of effective management of intellectual property, resulting in the loss of business opportunities, it was only afterwards that it was found that there was too little investment in intellectual property and its management.

We will tailor the optimized intellectual property management plan for you according to your industry field, development stage and products, and provide one-stop intellectual property management service to relieve your worries.

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