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B&A Intellectual Property, the membership of INTA and CTA, is a professional intellectual property agency established in January 2015. Our scope of business covers all areas related to intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, recognition of High-New Technology Enterprise (HNTE) status, and standard implementation. We can provide companies with a full range of refined VIP services ranging from intellectual property planning and layout, application and confirmation of rights, to operations, transactions, and maintenance.

Many of B&As partners have worked in Beijing, Los Angeles and other places, and have work experience in international first-class intellectual property firms and multinational corporations. With years of accumulated experience in intellectual property and good relations with state, provincial and municipal intellectual property offices, trademark offices and other business departments at all levels, B&A Intellectual Property has developed rapidly in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, and has cultivated a talented team that conforms to the future development trend of intellectual property. B&A people have established rigorous and reasonable working procedures and management systems by adopting the mode of international advanced agencies, provided operations in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages, and clients extend all over Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and other top 500 enterprises in the world, such as Starwood Group, Canon Corporation, Olympus Corporation, Sanrio, Bridgestone Corporation, etc. and have maintained a solid and good cooperation relationship with outstanding intellectual property institutions in various countries in the world. In the process of serving innovative enterprises and going out to explore international markets, the advantages of B&A Intelligent Property are more and more prominent.

Facing the future, B&A people are committed to continuing to bring high-end services of international level to cooperative clients, so that the great number of clients can enjoy professional and meticulous service experience with high cost-effective performance, develop together with enterprises and partners, and realize win-win results.

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