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Commercialization of intellectual property is a key process to realize the transformation of intellectual property from ¡°right¡± to ¡°value¡± so as to bring practical value to enterprises. It is an indispensable and important link in the value chain of intellectual property. In a fiercely competitive economic environment, the effective commercialization and capitalization of intellectual property assets can not only shorten the time for enterprises to develop and innovate, reduce their research and development costs, break through competitors¡¯ technological monopoly, integrate the industrial chain, but also realize intellectual property rights and bring new income patterns to enterprises, thus maximizing the benefits of enterprises.

The commercialization of intellectual property is to let intellectual property flow and invest, buy and sell, and authorize licenses just like commodities. In the field of intellectual property, it is more important than any other field to advocate and require global allocation of resources in order to better realize the transfer of intellectual property rights between various countries and enterprises and to promote global technological progress and coordinated division of labor. The first step is to realize the commercialization of intellectual property in the world, build a batch of international intellectual property trading and transfer platforms, and use the internet to realize online and offline O2O services so that intellectual property rights can flow freely like commodities through these platforms and their value is determined by the market, thus effectively solving the problems of idle intellectual property resources and insufficient regional and specific resources, activating the huge world intellectual property resource pool, and realizing the effective utilization of intellectual property values and resources.

To make great progress in intellectual property rights, the industrialization of intellectual property rights is the path. Only by linking up the industrial chain of intellectual property rights, creating, protecting, using and circulating intellectual property rights, and effectively linking up the supply and demand markets of intellectual property rights can the cause of intellectual property rights develop healthily and sustainably.

Relating intellectual property to life aims to serve people¡¯s life and bring convenience to people¡¯s life, because intellectual property comes from life and will eventually be used in life. Intellectual property will eventually serve people¡¯s life. Only when intellectual property goes deep into our lives and becomes the habit of our lives can the era of intellectual property truly come. Relating intellectual property to life is the ultimate goal of the development of intellectual property cause and the ultimate value of intellectual property.

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